Size Matters…

Cake Sizes;

Before you decide on size, you need to decide how many people you would like to feed and the size of your slice. General cake ‘etiquette’ is to serve the sponge cakes in 1″ by 2″ slices, these are called “party slices”, and Fruit Cakes in 1″ by 1″ slices, these are called “finger slices”.

Please find below an approximate guide for the size of cake you will need for the number of people you would like it to feed.

It’s always better to have a bit too much cake than not quite enough!

Party Slice (1″ x 2″) Finger Slice (1″ x 1″)
Size Round Square Size Round Square
8″ 20 30 8″ 30 45
10″ 35 50 10″ 50 75
12″ 55 70 12″ 80 105
Drips & Layers 30 – 40
Giant Cupcakes 20

Cupcake Sizes;

I bake 2 sizes of cupcakes, adult and mini. Both are very popular and fantastic for any occasion big or small!

French Macarons;

Personally I would allow 2 -3 French Macarons per person. They are light, delicious and very moreish!

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