How Much?

Please refer to the ‘size matters’ tab at the top of the website for size and portion guides.

For 3D Novelty Cakes and Wedding Cakes please contact me for an accurate price.

Looking for an eye-catching, tiered cake but don’t need it to feed that many? Why not consider adding ‘dummy’ tiers to your cake, – ‘dummy’ tiers are priced at £20 each. They are also a great way to help keep the cost down too!

Please note some cakes may cost more than detailed below depending on the detail required, for example, the number of bespoke models or handmade sugar flowers on the cake.

Current prices (as of March 2018)

Size Round Square
8″ £55 £59
10″ £65 £69
12″ £85 £89
Size Round Square
8″ £65 £69
10″ £85 £89
12″ £105 £109
3D Novelty £65 + 
Drips & Layers £65 – £95
Giant Cupcake £39.50
Cupcakes Quantity
12-23 24+
Standard £2.25 each £1.95 each
Mini £0.75 each (min order 36)
Individual Globes Quantity
12-23 24+
Standard £2.50 each £2.00 each
Mini £1.00 each (min order 36)
Adult Cupcakes with 3D figures / animals £9.50 each
French Macarons £0.95 each (min order 30)
Biscuits £1.50 each (min order 30)
Bespoke Bride & Groom Cake Topper £49

I strive to offer quality products at the best price for all my customers, when you buy from me you are paying for a hand-made, bespoke product that looks fantastic and tastes delicious. 

A day in the life of The Bun Bunny consists of…

…designing and creating your bespoke product just for you. My cake and cupcake decorations are made by me, by hand, which takes a lot of time, care and skill.

Cakes have to be mixed, baked, left to cool & settle for at least a day (fruit cakes require weeks of maturing and feeding) once iced they require another day to ‘dry out’ then the decoration can begin, which sometimes takes several days depending on the design and complexity not to mention the days of prep work involved in making some decorations such as sugar flowers & edible lace.

…regular wholesale shopping and stock takes.

…adhering to daily and weekly cleaning schedules and completing the accompanying paperwork (in order to comply with the local Environmental Health Department.)

…invoicing, banking, answering phone calls, emails, texts, carrying out house visits to discuss cake order requirements.

…computer use, printing costs, website & social media updates

…training and development: it takes years to develop good quality recipes, decoration skills and product knowledge. I’m also required to keep up-to-date with The Food Standard Agency guidelines and maintain hygiene training certificates.

I’m so fortunate to have so many wonderful customers, something I remember every single day. THANK YOU!

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