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Individual Biscuits

Coral & White Wedding Favour Biscuits. x

Waybuloo 1st Birthday Cake

A 7 inch round vanilla cake, covered in sugarpaste, decorated with 2D Waybuloo figures Happy 1st Birthday Riley! x

Silver Sparkle Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

A large selection of mini and adult cupcakes, french macarons, desserts cakes and of course the centre piece, the single tier, double height, wedding cake, covered in sugar confetti, sprayed with edible metalic paint and finished with the bride and grooms own ‘love’ cake topper Many congratulations on your big day Mr & Mrs Duerden [...]

Frozen Buttercream Rose Cake

A 10 inch vanilla cake with jam and buttercream filling, topped with a ‘Frozen’ edible icing plaque and piped buttercream roses Happy 16th Birthday Bethany! x

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