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Waybuloo Cake – Dairy Free

A 6 inch round Dairy Free vanilla cake, filled with buttercream and strawberry jam. Covered in white sugarpaste, topped with bespoke Waybuloo model and name blocks. This cake was presented with 12 matching Dairy Free cupcakes too Happy Birthday Lucie x  

Monsters Inc Cake

A 8 inch round vanilla cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, and strawberry jam. Covered in pink sugarpaste, topped with bespoke Monsters Inc models Happy Birthday Molly x

Burnley Football Club Cake

A 7 inch chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, in the shape of a football shirt, decorated with Burnley Football Club Colours and topped with a bespoke model and edible money. Happy Birthday to a Burnley supporter who works in a bank and LOVES his money! x

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